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in a net i seek to hold the wind.

watch me. i will succeed.

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this is her

is known as heyhay or jinru or hayley. stands six feet short. doesn't mind being alone. is happier the darker the sky is. wants to travel. reads. watches. writes. aspires to be a novelist and a screenwriter. drinks coffee more than tea. thrives at 2 am. microwaves ice cream. plays minesweeper. loves tennis and the table kind too. chews gum like it's an addiction. is proud to call herself an atheist. tumblr > livejournal.
these are her obsessions

tom hardy, chris pine, akanishi jin, robert downey junior and zoe saldana. she loves her celebrities. ♥ jack's mannequin, kat-tun and korn. she loves her music. ♥ lord of the rings, happy feet and inception. she loves her movies. ♥ how i met your mother, community, parks and recreation and the office. she loves her television. ♥

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